Noble / Spray (50-100ml)
Noble / Spray (50-100ml)
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Noble / Spray (50-100ml)

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Vaporizer - Spray / Agrumes Green Spices

In the evening we steal into our forebear’s gallery. To live up to their expectations, being elegant yet discreet and sharing the intimacy of our home.

First, the brightness of citrus notes. The zesty accents of mandarin orange blend into a burst of fresh spices: cardamom, then coriander. Matte, dry nutmeg introduces the deep fullness of oak moss. Iris and musk join to form a velvety base, soft as a caress.

"I used the peppery-gingery aspect of cardamom from Guatemala to create an explosive clash of spices and citrus. The oak moss from Slovenia accentuates the leather-velvet effect that I wished to give the iris and musk bottom notes. »

Carla Chabert, Perfumer

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