Le Rouge Parfum Prohibited Matte
Le Rouge Parfum Prohibited Matte

Le Rouge Parfum Prohibited Matte

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“The quest of every woman to find their perfect Rouge is exactly the same as the quest to find the perfect scent. Once they find it, it becomes their signature” Kilian Hennessy
LE ROUGE PARFUM, the first make-up collection from KILIAN, is a wardrobe of six iconic red lipsticks, all available in Matte and Satin finishes and deliciously scented by KILIAN. 

Choose your Rouge for a bold look for day or dramatic intensity for evening. From angelic to sinful, each shade is an opportunity to find the rouge of one’s fantasies, to flirt with the light or embrace the dark. 
PROHIBITED ROUGE: « Prohibition has made nothing but trouble. » The most luxurious red with vibrant blue undertones, an invitation for the most daring games. 
For a Sensuous and luxurious complete look add a touch of our fragrance Voulez-vous coucher avec Moi, Woman in Gold or Good girl gone Bad EXTREME. 

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