Dagny Rose by Anni Ruuth
Dagny Rose by Anni Ruuth
Anni Ruuth

Dagny Rose by Anni Ruuth

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Barefoot I am standing still.
Inhaling the palette of earthy notes that the rain has left behind – dew dappled Midsummer rose, mud and a fresh hint of H₂O.
A scent that embraces a pure universe. Observing the ease of breath in a moist garden as the body is longing for a dialogue with warm shadows on skin.

Organic Jojoba oil scent, 10ml roll-on glass bottle.

Raw materials and manufacturing meet European standards in natural cosmetics. No animal testing, animal substances, mineral oils, silicons, artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives.

Heart notes:
rose (rosa damascena and midsummer rose)

Top notes:

Base notes:

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